Emergency Closing Information

If the St. Louis Park Public Schools close for the day

Aquatics (swimming lessons), Early Learning/Creative Play, ECFE, Gymnastics, and Youth Enrichment classes are cancelled. Kids’ Place Child Care, and Senior Program, Adult Enrichment, Adult Options in Education and Adults with Disabilities are also cancelled, except in the event of cold-weather closing. For cold-weather closing days, these programs may be open. On cold-weather closing days, check the website’s homepage for details.

Announcements of late starts or school closings due to emergency situations will be made as soon as possible after 6 a.m. and posted on the school district website and telephone hotline:
• St. Louis Park Public Schools: www.slpschools.org
• St. Louis Park School Closing Hotline: 952-928-6055

Emergency school closing information is also provided to the following media outlets: WCCO 830 AM; WCCO Channel 4; KSTP Channel 5; KMSP/FOX Channel 9 & KARE Channel 11. If no announcement has been made by bus time, you should assume that classes will be held as scheduled. Community Education programs include:
  • Adult and Youth Enrichment
  • Adult Options in Education
  • Adults with Disabilities (Project SOAR)
  • Aquatics (swimming lessons)
  • Early Learning Preschool
  • ECFE
  • Gymnastics
  • Kid Dance
  • Kids’ Place Child Care (school age and Pre-K)
  • Senior Program
  • Youth Development Committee (YDC)

If the St. Louis Park Public Schools start late:
Morning Aquatics (swimming lessons), Early Learning/Creative Play, ECFE, Gymnastics, and before-school Youth Enrichment classes will be cancelled but afternoon and evening classes will be in session. Kids’ Place Child Care will begin at 8:30 a.m. (for a 2-hour late start).

If the St. Louis Park Schools close early:
Early Learning/Creative Play, and Kids’ Place Child Care staff will contact parents and request they pick up their children as soon as possible. Early Learning children who ride the bus will be transported home. Staff will contact parents to let them know that their children have been released early from school. Any remaining classes that day, including evening ECFE classes and/or special events, will be cancelled. Staff will remain on site until all children have been safely picked up. Please make sure your child’s teacher has up to date, accurate emergency phone numbers, including, if applicable, your cell and work phone numbers. After school Youth Enrichment classes will be canceled, as well as evening Senior and Adult programs.

Any remaining Community Education classes, activities and/or special events that day will be canceled. (See complete program listing above.)

If afternoon activity buses (serving students in grades 6-8) are canceled, Youth Enrichment after school activities for grades 6-8 will also be canceled.

If St. Louis Park Public Schools has NOT announced a late start, an early closing or an all-day closing, all Community Education classes will be held as scheduled. If an exception is made, and an individual class is canceled, students will be notified as soon as possible.