Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening is not able to schedule or screen until Minnesota Public Schools are able to return to normal functioning, per Governor Walz’s guidance. We will post new screening dates at that time or you can call Jenna Reynolds at 952-928-6774 after schools return to a normal schedule.

Early Childhood Screening

This is a free service required for entrance into Minnesota’s public schools it can be done as early as 3 years old but must be done within 30 days of enrollment into kindergarten.
  • Screening includes a vision, hearing, and developmental assessment, as well as a opportunity to discuss any family circumstance that you feel may affect your child’s learning readiness. 
  • The screening will help identify any area your child may benefit from early childhood services before they enter school, and connect families with appropriate resources and programs.
  • Screenings are conducted at Central Clinic (enter from 35th St. & Wooddale Ave., entrance #7 – Central Clinic).
* Appointments are required.

Please Note:  Entrance to Central Clinic is in the back of the building on the 35th Street side of Central Community Center.  Please enter at door #7.     

*For your child to have the best experience please make childcare arrangements for siblings.

Parent Consent Child Health & Development ScreeningClick Here

Child Health and Developmental HistoryClick Here

Immunization Record (Immunizations are not kept from year to year) – Click Here

Note: State law requires immunizations upon enrolling in the ECFE and Early Learning programs.   Parents may get a legal exemption from the law for medical reasons or conscientiously held beliefs. Call your doctor, clinic, or health plan for information.

Click Here for Immunization Law Information from the Minnesota Department of Health